About Us

About the Company

OutDo Wit is a management consulting group specializing in automotive Tier One supplier manufacturing support. We assist Value-Added suppliers with improving productivity and performance. Our work is collaborative, involving management and resources which will consist of the transfer of skills to the client. Projects are usually completed between one and three months. We work with specific objectives and clearly established outcomes using an agreed upon timeline.

CEO & Founder

Regina Newberry is founder of OutDo Wit Consulting Group, LLC. With 20 years of experience in the automotive manufacturing supply industry, her accomplishments include managing multiple global customers and suppliers while achieving high quality, on-time delivery, and with superb customer service. She is known for building power teams, implementing, executing, and launching cost reduction strategies. Her experience, education, and internal talents allow her to discern issues and create innovative solutions.

Regina is a former Program Manager, Electrical Design Engineering Supervisor, and sought out champion of developing innovative solutions for automotive manufacturing suppliers.  As industries grow and technology increases, more responsibilities have been shifted from the OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers) to the manufacturing suppliers. Now more than ever, companies must prepare, plan, and execute to be ahead of the curve. In her experiences, she saw first hand how unprepared many suppliers were as roles grew or altered. Thus, she stepped in and offered resolutions which greatly supported multiple businesses units in achieving and sustaining financial growth combined with harmony throughout departments.

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