Human Capital

About This Project

OutDo Wit is very experienced in Human Capital.

Known for building power teams, Regina Newberry is the author of the upcoming book, “Recognizing a Cash Cow- Honing In On Your Company’s Best Asset- The People”.


Save millions of dollars and impact net earnings by “building” Dream Teams while flourishing in any industry. Employee turnover rates are one of the biggest costs for businesses today. It is crucial for employers to hone in on their work forces especially the “Cash Cows”. Cash Cows are the over achievers who bring innovation (extra milk) to the company. Often times, this milk dries up due to lack of open idea exploration or the old system of working that will always fail in this new millennium. This book gives practical ways to recognize Cash Cows and even develop gold mining teams by creating a new environment with new attitude towards the greatest asset, the PEOPLE.